Which task do you need?

Update your Passport

Provide your passport to ensure your details are up to date in our records.

Change your Address

Submit a request to change your residential address. You will need to provide proof of your new address such as BELCO bill or Lease/Rental agreement.

Change of Name

Change your name on your accounts. You will need to upload a copy of your Marriage Certificate, Deed Poll Certificate or Divorce Decree to evidence your new name.

Update your Information, Unblock or Reactivate Your Account

If you have been contacted by us to provide updated information and/or documentation or your account is currently blocked, or you would like to reactivate a dormant account you can do that here. You will need your passport, proof of address and you may need evidence of your source of wealth.

Request Debit Card

If you already have an account but do not have a debit card you can request one here.

Add Account Holder

If you already have an account but would like to add another person to it to make it a joint account you can do that here.

Remove Account Holder

If you already have a joint account but one person would like to be removed you can do that here.

Close Sole Account

Close one or more of your accounts.

Close Joint Account

All accounts must be held in the same names. If you wish to close an account with more than 2 people please visit the branch

Increase Debit Card Limit

If you would like to request that the ATM withdrawal limit for your debit card is increased you can do that here.

NEED ADDITIONAL SUPPORT? We're with you every step of the way. Demos and tips are available on clarienbank.com. Or, please give us a call on 296-6969, or stop by our Point House location in Hamilton for assistance.